Getting Ready to Sell Your Home


You only have one opportunity for a good first impression. Ensure that your home sparkles from the moment that a potential buyer arrives. It is essential that your lawn is cut, your garden beds are weeded and your landscape appears tidy. If you own an RV or have extra vehicles in the driveway, try and find a temporary place for them to be stored; you want to show that your home is uncluttered and spacious, starting from the outside. Power washing your patios and driveways additionally help in creating a good first impression. Windows and door handle should be clean, porch should be swept, and ensure that your doorbell works. Some seasonal flowers outside the front door along with a clean door mat all help to impress potential buyers. Lastly, make sure that all exterior lights are operational.


Download ChecklistTake a good look around your home and start packing up some of your personal items. With less clutter in a room, potential buyers are able to imagine their own belongings and furniture in it. Often sellers purchase a storage locker or start packing items in storage bins and store neatly in the garage to give the house a cleaner de cluttered look. If you have a lot of furniture in a room look at removing some. You want a room to look spacious and overcrowded rooms end up looking small and cramped. Ensure that countertops are clear, wiped down and appear tidy.


Ensure that your home is well cleaned by dusting, washing floors and windows, wiping every tap and cleaning appliances and bathroom fixtures. Hire a professional cleaning crew if you need help; it will be well worth it. Check the grouting around your bathroom tub and tiles, it may be time to re-grout or bleach the grout to bring it back to a cleaner, brighter level. A clean home makes buyers feel that the owners take pride in the home and that it has been well cared for.


From the second someone walks inside your house, it is critical that they view every room with as little clutter as possible. This means reducing the amount of personal photos and storing any knick-knacks. If you have lots of books laying around your home, try and find practical spots for them. If you have a home office, clear your desk space. If your fridge is full of pictures and magnets, store them. The goal is to get potential buyers to imagine their own belongings in your home.


A neutral palate makes a room look larger and has stronger mass appeal. Be sure to open all of your blinds and draperies to bring as much natural light in. Updating light fixtures can also be beneficial to the room’s overall atmosphere.


If you have a squeaky door, taps that leak, broken fixtures or appliances that need repair, make repairs prior to putting your house on the market.


What makes your home different? What do you love about your home? What is your favourite feature? Make sure that these rooms and features are well represented. If your home has an amazing garden and you are selling in the winter, pull out a few photos and place on the counter so the potential buyer can see the beauty of another season. Showcase the spaces and features that make your home special.


If your carpets are looking worn, have them professionally cleaned. Consider re-finishing your hardwood floors or finding an area rug that can help disguise any wear and tear.


A fresh coat of paint can transform a room. Neutral tones are always best and appeal to a wide range of buyers. Updating your paint trim around doors and windows also freshens the look.


If a buyer opens one of your closets, they should find an organized space, so make sure that they appear to have enough storage. If every closet that is opened is ready to explode, the first thing the buyer is going to think is that there isn’t enough storage in the home. Go through your closets and either reduce the contents by eliminating or storing.

When a prospective buyer looks at your garage you want to ensure that it is also well organized. Again, if you are having trouble parting with a lot of your belongings, look at renting a storage locker.

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