South Nanaimo

South Nanaimo has had a reputation of being a “rougher part of town” over the years but is making a transformation as many investors are looking at this area due to its affordability, and proximity to downtown Nanaimo and the University. The region borders downtown Nanaimo south to Petroglyph Park. Many of the homes are Heritage homes as this is an area that was first developed and home to many working class families in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Some heritage homes are either being carefully restored or the land is being re-developed.


  • Bayview Elementary – 140 View St, (250) 754-3231
  • École Pauline Haarer Elementary – 400 Campbell St., (250) 754-2722
  • John Barsby Secondary – 550 7th St., (250) 753-821