Why Do A Home Inspection Before Listings

Top 3 reasons to do your own home inspection before listing

A home inspection is a very common subject in a contract for purchase. If you are considering selling your home, you may want to consider doing a pre-listing home inspection so that you are prepared to either repair what is required, or disclose repairs that you are not willing to do and adjust your price.

Here is why a home inspection can help you sell your home:

#1 – It reassures prospective buyers – No one knows what is happening behind your walls- not even you- so if the prospective buyers see a report that there are no major surprises, they may be more comfortable with placing an offer. These buyers may waive their own inspection report, or still follow through with their own report, but at least they know as a seller you have been proactive with finding out for yourself if there are any major issues with your home.

#2 – It saves time and money – If you have your own home inspection report in hand, and are able to deal with whatever issues have resulted, you know that there is unlikely going to be any other big issues coming up from another third party report. You are also dealing with an experienced inspector that can identify where the issue is and what action is required. You may head off in a different direction to repair a default and it end up being more costly than if you follow the advice of an unbiased professional. If you elect not to do a home inspection and issues arise, this can open up your negotiations again or the deal may collapse. During the time of the accepted offer and property inspection, you may have also lost other potential buyers viewing your home. Lost opportunities means lost money and time.

#3 – It lets you be in the driver’s seat – It is important to know where you stand and be in a position of strength. As a seller, knowing that you have made repairs or have disclosed the items that you’re unwilling to repair, you can feel confident in your position.

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